Dress Code




The purpose of the dress code is to establish guidelines in accordance with California Education Code 35183 for student dress that promotes a safe and productive learning environment.  The responsibility of the school is to prepare students for success in the world of work.  The value of learning to dress and groom appropriately will enable students to adapt productively and responsibly to the demands and expectations of society.  Students who are well dressed and neatly groomed will develop confidence in their ability to present themselves in a variety of social situations.  Quality performance, with respect to a student’s dress and grooming naturally contributes in a positive way to behavior.

GENERAL DRESS:  The dress code applies to all students as long as they are on school grounds/school sponsored activities.

  • Clothing must be neat and clean and seasonally appropriate.
  • Clothing or accessories that suggest obscene gestures, pictures, wording and/or drug, tobacco, alcohol or occult related are not permitted.
  • Clothing should be of proper fit and in good repair, free of any holes that may inhibit physical activity or create a safety risk.


  • No baggy pants (sagging)
  • No micro-miniskirts or short shorts (must reach at least to palm).
  • Outer clothing must properly cover all undergarments.
  • Pajama bottoms are not allowed.
  • No fishnet or other sheer leggings.
  • No holes or tears that limit movement, are above the palm, or showing undergarments.


  • No crop tops, clothing exposing bare midriffs allowed.
  • Halter tops, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, tube tops, open-sided shirts and tank tops are not permitted.
  • See-through or mesh materials which expose bare skin are not allowed.
  • Shirt length cannot extend past the top of the back pockets.
  • Bra straps must be covered at all times.


  • No distracting colors, natural hair color.
  • Students may wear fully brimmed hats for purpose of shade.
  • No baseball hats, bandanas, or “do-rags” allowed.
  • Head coverings may be worn for religious purposes.


  • Students are not permitted to bring makeup.
  • Natural looking makeup is allowed to be worn.


  • Safe footwear must be worn at all times. (Examples of unsafe footwear includes high heels, platforms, boots that inhibit motion at the knee, etc.)
  • Shoes such as flip-flops, open-toed or open-backed sandals are not allowed.
  • Shoe laces must be tied.
  • Slippers are not allowed.         

JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES:  All jewelry must be worn in modesty for both a safety and learning purposes.

  • Stud earrings and watches are acceptable.
  • No long dangly earrings or hoops bigger than a pencil eraser in diameter.
  • Large bracelets and necklaces are not acceptable.
  • No chains or studded jewelry of any kind.
  • Sunglasses (unless prescription) are not allowed.
  • Initialized or monogrammed belts that do not represent the student’s first or last name may not be worn.  Belts may not be worn more than 4 inches too long and may not hang down.
  • Body piercing is not allowed.

Gang related clothing and styles might vary from month to month.   The administration reserves the right to make changes in dress code policy in responses to changes in gang styles.  Anything not specifically covered in the above rules and regulations that are disruptive to the educational process or present a safety hazard will be left to the discretion of school administration or designees.

It will be the responsibility of all school employees and parents to enforce the code.  Students in violation of the dress code will be sent to the office and the parent will be contacted.

Habitual violations of the dress code will be considered a willful defiance of school authority and will be subject to further disciplinary action under the West Palms Conservatory disciplinary code.

Items in violation of Education Code are to be surrendered to the administrator.  Parents of students who violate the dress code will be notified either in writing or by telephone.  Parents will be given an opportunity to meet with the administrator to discuss the violation.