Notes from Mrs. Lester

Notes from Mrs. Lester
Posted on 01/25/2018

With the 100th day of school right around the corner, I can't believe how quickly the year is passing by. I want to thank all of our WPC students and families for such an AMAZING first half of the year.

One of our main focuses for 2018 is bell to bell attendance. This means we want ALL our students in class promptly by 7:40am and to remain in school until the final bell. Attendance is a vital part of student learning. Please do your best to be in school on time everyday!  

We have numerous parent volunteers already at our school. We welcome and appreciate new parent volunteers. Our next volunteer training will be February 7th at 4pm. Feel free to bring any questions or concerns to this training.

Parent Conference week is scheduled March 19-23. During spring conference we would appreciate all of our parents to stop by the computer lab or the library to take our yearly family survey. We welcome feedback from our families. This feedback helps us look at our processes and systems. Our focus and goal is to meet each of our students specific needs.

See you all at our spring parent conference March 19-23.


Mrs. Jackie Lester