No Rescue Policy

No Rescue Policy

West Palms Conservatory

14375 Del Gado

Victorville, CA 92392

(760) 245-3525

April 04, 2019


We would like to take this time to remind you of our "No Rescue" plan that we started nine years ago.


This plan focuses on the development of our students' responsibility - which in the long run will be a huge benefit to them!  With this in mind, West Palms is continuing a "No Rescue" plan!  This will result in helping our students to strive to be well prepared and well organized at the beginning of the day.  Imagine the life skills that we are helping our children acquire!


  1. We ask that you email the teacher or the principal directly, if you wish to simply leave a message, make an inquiry, or seek clarification.  You can access email by using the first letter of the first name and the last name of the teacher  Ex:  Of course, we understand that not everyone has email, so some phone messages may be needed.


  1. Make sure your child comes to school every day with their lunch or lunch money.  If a parent brings in a lunch, it will be kept in a location in the office until your child’s lunch time where your child will come in and pick it up- but let’s really, really do our best to make sure that your child has it with them when the bell rings.  Don’t worry, every child will eat lunch- children who don’t have a lunch are always provided a sandwich and milk.


  1. Jackets, homework, books, materials, instruments etc. will not be delivered to the classroom or placed in the teacher’s box.  We will email the teacher to let them know the item was left in the office.  We will not interrupt instruction time to deliver items. This will actually help to teach the students to make sure they have what they need when they leave the house, placing the responsibility on the child- we know they can do it!  It is the student's responsibility to check in the office for the forgotten item.


  1. Make sure all changes in daily transportation are done in advance before your child leaves home.  Our office gets overwhelmed throughout the day with phoned in transportation changes and requests, and again, this interrupts instruction for that class. We certainly do understand the occasional family emergency, however many of the changes phoned in do not fall into that category.  The very best way for your child to arrive home as intended is for you to communicate your wishes to your child before they leave for school in the morning and write a note to your child’s teacher specifying your wishes. 




Thank you in advance for your cooperation!  This is an area where I believe all of our students will benefit in the long run with the development of excellent responsibility skills! 



Mrs. Jackie Lester